Degenerative and vascular cognitive discorders


This team, made up of clinical and pre-clinical researchers, is multidisciplinary. It is located at the interface between neurology, pharmacology and imaging. The research project is focused on the translational, transnosographic and multimodal study of cognitive disorders associated with degenerative processes or neurovascular lesions, starting from the observation that the mechanisms are entangled.




Pr Régis Bordet
MD, Ph.D., Hospital Biologist.
University of Lille, Faculty of Medicine.

The number of people with cognitive decline will double in the next 25 years, due to increased life expectancy. This significant increase in the prevalence of cognitive disorders is linked to Alzheimer's disease {AD} but also to neurovascular pathologies and other neurodegenerative pathologies.

Faced with this societal challenge, the aim is to offer:

  • a new organizational model for the management of cognitive disorders freed from current nosographic frameworks by identifying common pathophysiological processes.

  • use of biomarkers and algorithms for better nosographic typology and optimization of pharmacological development.

  • a reflection on what these cognitive disorders represent at the individual and social level.

To meet these objectives, the project will be divided into three axes:

A. Pre-clinical and clinical modeling
B. The study of the physiopathological bases
C. The development of innovative pharmacological strategies





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