Degenerative and vascular cognitive discorders


This team, made up of clinical and pre-clinical researchers, is multidisciplinary. It is located at the interface between neurology, pharmacology and imaging. The research project is focused on the translational, transnosographic and multimodal study of cognitive disorders associated with degenerative processes or neurovascular lesions, starting from the observation that the mechanisms are entangled.



The presence of metabolic disorders at a middle age is associated with a high risk of developing cognitive disorders in late life. In order to understand the physiopathological mechanisms that predispose brain tissue to cognitive dysfunction, we have developed a long-term mouse model that replicates the progressive onset of metabolic disorders in response to a high-fat diet. This model led to the demonstration of cerebrovascular dysfunction associated with the development of metabolic disorders (visceral fat and prediabetes) and cognitive impairment. Thanks to the combination of behavioural assessment, cerebrovascular exploration, electrophysiology and metabolic characterization techniques, this project continues along two axes, (i) the study of the mechanisms involved in neurogliovascular decoupling; (ii) the impact of pharmacological or nutraceutical modulation of metabolic disorders on cognitive impairment.

Michèle Bastide, Olivier Petrault, Maud Petrault, Sandra Mouchref, Thavarak Ouk, Stéphanie Bombois, Vincent Berezowski, Patrick Gelé, Manon Hass



  • Demonstration of the relationship between visceral adiposity, cerebrovascular dysfunction and the occurrence of cognitive disorders in mid-life on a mouse model induced by food (High-fat diet)

  • Pharmacological and / or nutraceutical modulations of metabolic disorders: impact on cognitive disorders
  • Development of a long-term mouse model of metabolic disorders induced by food (High-fat diet)


Pétrault, O., Pétrault, M., Ouk, T., Bordet, R., Bérézowski, V., Bastide, M., 2019. Visceral adiposity links cerebrovascular dysfunction to cognitive impairment in middle-aged mice. Dis. 130, 104536.

Pétrault, M., Ouk, T., Bastide, M., Bordet, R., Pétrault, O., Bérézowski, V., 2021. Age and diet modify acute microhemorrhage outcome in the mouse brain. Neurobiol Aging 98, 107.