Brain Biology and Chemistry


« Brain Biology & Chemistry » team belongs to the « Lille Neuroscience & Cognition » research center and is located in Lille, France.

The team is composed of an Inserm researcher, eleven professors and associate professors, two hospital practitioners. It benefits from the technical support of seven people and welcomes many students: from master degree, PhD students to post-doc fellows.
Our multidisciplinary team brings together chemists, biologists and spectroscopists.



Associate Professors/Professors – University-Associated

Patricia Melnyk
Professor of Physical Chemistry
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Physical chemistry, Medicinal chemistry
Research : medchem, hit-to-lead, molecular interactions, drug development
Laurence Agouridas, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Physical chemistry, Medicinal chemistry
Research : Photochemistry, photo-switches, synthesis, protein agregation
Fabrice Bailly, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Lille, Faculty of Sciences & Technologies
Teaching : Organic chemistry
Research : Medicinal chemistry, Molecular interactions ligand/protein, TEAD
Jérôme Berthet, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Biophysics, NMR
Research : Photochemistry, NMR, photo-switches
Marie-Christine Chartier-Harlin, PhD
INSERM Research Professor
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Medecine
Teaching : Neurosciences & genetics
Research : Neurodegenerative diseases, Omics, physiopathology, cellular and animal models, SNCA, LRRK2, cellular trafficking
Philippe Cotelle, PhD
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Centrale Lille, ENSCL
Teaching : Organic chemistry
Recherche : Medicinal chemistry, TEAD ligands
Stéphanie Delbaere, PhD
Professor of Biophysics, Assessor in charge of ressources and staff
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Biophysics, NMR
Research : Photochemistry, NMR, photo-switches
Jamal El Bakali, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Medicinal Chemistry
Research : Medicinal Chemistry
Nicolas Lebègue, PhD
Professor of Medicinal chemistry
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Medicinal Chemistry
Research :
Molecular interactions, Medicinal Chemistry, Protein-protein inhibitors, LRRK2, SIRT1, PPAR, tubuline
Maxime Liberelle, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching :
Research :
MUC4, MST, Molecular interactions, Medicinal Chemistrt, Protein-protein inhibitors, LRRK2
Séverine Ravez, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Medicinal Chemistry
Research :
Biochemistry, Enzymology, Screening, Ferroptose, Medicinal Chemistry
Jean-Marc Taymans, PhD
Associate Professor (HDR Docent)
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Medecine
Teaching : Neurosciences
Research :
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, LRRK2, experimental models of Parkinson's disease
Said Yous, PhD
Associate Professor (HDR Docent)
University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Medicinal chemistry
Research :
Medicinal chemistry, melatonine ligands, A2A antagonists
Eugénie Mutez, PhD
Lille Hospital
Activity : Neurologist, movement’s pathologies, Parkinson’s disease, clinical studies, physiopathology and therapeutics
Clémence Simonin, PhD
Lille Hospital
Activity :
Neurologist, movement’s pathologies, Huntington ’s disease, clinical studies, physiopathology and therapeutics

Research support staff

Mathilde Coevoet
Engineer assistant, UFR3S, University of Lille
Staelle Corvo-Chamaillard
Engineer assistant, INSERM
Paul-Emmanuel Larchanché
Technician, UFR3S, University of Lille
Bénédicte Vanteghem-Oxombre
Engineer, UFR3S, University of Lille

Yanisse Boulesnane

Claire Deldycke

Coline Leghay, PhD

Laurine Vandewynckel

Research post-doctoral fellows

Benjamin Zagiel, PhD
ATER, University of Lille, UFR3S, School of Pharmacy
Teaching : Chemistry
Research : TEAD

PhD students

Antoine Marchand

Alessia Sarchione


Florine Toulotte
Adriana Figueroa-Garcia
Liesel Mary Goveas

Pasquale Sileo


Nicolas STOUP


Alexandre Gobert
The MUC4-ErbB2 complex: from the structure-function relationship towards therapeutic targeting 
Amélie Laversin
Design, synthesis and evaluation of potential A2A receptor antagonists and dual ligands targeting A2A / mGlu5 receptors in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Justine Peters
Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of new antimalarial compounds


Marie Tautou

William Sibran
Guillaume Patient
Anne-Sophie Journé, PhD
Engineer SATT

Alice Ameryckx, PhD
Post Doc


Alice Thiry
Assistant engineer

Amélie Vizeneux

Fahima Madouri, PhD
Engineer SATT

Tarak Saied, PhD

Catherine BAUD, PhD
Post Doc

Samantha Ploegaerts
Management assistant
Pascal CARATO, PhD
Assistant Professor
Assistant Engineer
Mohsine DRIOWYA, PhD
Véronique LECLERC, PhD
Christophe MESANGEAU, PhD
Post Doc
Camille QUENON
Management assistant
Aurélien TOURTEAU, PhD

Romain Duroux

Floriane Gibault

Engineer SATT
The drug discovery process, from fundamental biology to the discovery of drug candidates, highlights the expertise of our team.

Neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by common biological hallmarks such as inflammation, aggregation of altered proteins, modification of cell and vesicular trafficking, cellular (or neuronal) degeneration leading to cognitive impairments. We want to design and caracterize new molecules active on these hallmarks. To do this, we have identified targets of interest on which we are focusing our efforts and we will continue to define relevant targets using Omics approaches on patient samples. New emerging targets are under studying.

More specifically, we are studying targets linked to defects in cell trafficking and their involvement in protein homeostasis, such as LRRK2 or alpha synuclein for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, the Hippo pathway in Huntington's disease or sigma-1 for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Then we develop the evaluation tests (enzymatic, biophysical or cellular methods) and test collections of compounds. Molecular modeling and medicinal chemistry allow us to optimize the compounds and go from hits to leads. Of greatest interest in neurodegenerative diseases is the study of modulators of protein-protein interactions. For instance, we are developing TEAD modulators or photo-switchable compounds capable of destroying protein aggregates. Autophagy modulating compounds are being studied for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. One of these compounds is now in phase 2. Pharmacological studies and ADME Tox provide drug candidates.



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    Molécule actuellement en phase 2 chez l’homme.
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PhD thesis

PhD in progress

  • Antoine MARCHAND (4th year) under the supervision of Dr JM Taymans
    "LRRK2 and vesicular trafficking deficits in Parkinson's disease"
  • Alessia Sarchione (4th year) under the supervision of Dr MC Chartier-Harlin
    "Defects in membrane trafficking in Parkinson's disease"
  • Florine TOULOTTE (3rd year) under the supervision of Pr P Cotelle
    "Synthesis and design of selective modulators of the YAP (TAZ) -TEAD interaction"
  • Andriana FIGUEROA-GARCIA (3rd year) under the supervision of Dr MC Chartier-Harlin
    "Targeting translation during alpha-synuclein overexpression in Parkinson's disease"
  • Liesel Mary GOVEAS (3rd year) under the supervision of Dr JM Taymans
    "Targeting of the kinase of Parkinson's disease “Leucine Rich repeat kinase 2” (LRRK2)"
  • Pasquale SILEO (3rd year) under the supervision of Pr P Cotelle
    "Study of the Hippo pathway in Huntington's disease"
  • Nicolas STOUP (3rd year) under the co-supervision of Dr I Van Seuningen / Pr N Lebègue
    " The MUC4-ErbB2 complex: from the structure-function relationship towards therapeutic targeting"
  • Alexandre GOBERT (2nd year) under the supervision of Pr N Lebègue
    " Design, synthesis and evaluation of new activators of SIRT1 in neurodegenerative diseases"
  • Amélie (1st year) under the supervision of Dr S Yous
    "Design, synthesis and evaluation of potential A2A receptor antagonists and dual ligands targeting A2A / mGlu5 receptors in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases"
  • Justine (1st year) under the supervision of Pr N Lebègue
    "Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of new antimalarial compounds"

Defended PhD since 2017

  • Marie TAUTOU (defended the 29/10/2021)
    « Mise en évidence du mode d'action de molécules anti-Alzheimer et recherche de leur cible ». Co-supervision of Dr N Sergeant / Pr P Melnyk
  • Raphael BOLTEAU (defended the 02/10/2020)
    « Conception, synthèse et évaluation pharmacologique d’antagonistes des récepteurs A2A et de ligands duaux ciblant les récepteurs A2A et mGlu5». Supervision of Dr S Yous
  • Maxime LIBERELLE (defended the 10/10/2019)
    « Focus on the protein-protein interface of MUC4 / ErbB2 complex : a structural approach». Supervision of Pr N Lebègue
  • Florian DESCAMPS (defended the 03/10/2019)
    « Conception, Synthèse et Evaluation de molécules interagissant avec la protéine VCP pour le traitement de maladies neurodégénératives». Supervision of Pr P Melnyk
  • Manon STURBAUT (defended the 27/09/2019)
    « Conception, Synthèse et Evaluation d’inhibiteurs du complexe protéique YAP-TEAD». Supervision of Pr P Cotelle
  • Mathieu DROUYER (defended the 20/12/2018)
    « Ciblage de la kinase parkinsonnienne LRRK2». Supervision of Dr JM Taymans
  • Clément GUERRIN (defended the 28/09/2018)
    « Etude des propriétés de photocommutation de composés photoactivables couplée à une irradiation in situ et par calculs TD-DFT». Supervision of Pr S Delbaere (LASIR)
  • Floriane GIBAULT (defended the 13/10/2017)
    « Conception, Synthèse et Evaluation d’inhibiteurs du complexe protéique YAP-TEAD». Supervision of Pr P Cotelle
  • Romain DUROUX (defended the 22/09/2017)
    « Conception, Synthèse et Evaluation d’antagonistes des récepteurs A2A». Supervision of Dr S Yous
  • Elodie CUVELIER (defended in 2017)
    « Modulation pharmacologique de la glucocérébrosidase chez un modèle murin de syndrome parkinsonien surexprimant l’alpha-synucléine». Supervision of Dr K Belarbi