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Week of the brain, 23st edition from March 15 to 21, 2021



Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

A file INSERM prepared with researchers from the Alzheimer’s & Tauopathies team.


DECLICS (Dialogues Entre Chercheurs et Lycéens pour les Intéresser à la Construction des Savoirs)
Vincent Prévot’s team “Development and plasticity of the neuroendocrine brain” is involved to help students discover research.
In particular, in the Montebello high school of Lille as part of the operation

My 3rd internship at Inserm
Our teams also welcome college students for their week of observation in a professional environment.

Science Celebration, 
Edition 2018
Center staff held a booth on the theme “”researchers face the mistake.

“Le Monde Science & Médecine”
, wednesday 17th january 2018 :A renewed atlas of the human embryo
A work associating Paolo Giacobini and his group has allowed French teams to obtain images of unprecedented precision.